Edvin - Bio

Edvin - International Medley

Edvin was born on January 21st, 1988 and raised in Shiraz, Iran.

He started his musical career at the age of ten in classical music and played the piano. When he was thirteen his passion shifted to pop music and he started taking guitar classes, and singing R&B and pop-music. He worked with various artists writing songs and performing. His first album was completed at the age of sixteen but unfortunately was not released due to the strict regulations in Iran.

Edvin moved to UAE to continue his education in dentistry. He was also working as a professional songwriter and performed with foreign artists. He sings in Arabic, English, Spanish and Farsi.

He got an opportunity to audition for the X-Factor in California and moved to US and was amongst the top 4 contestants for California. Although he was granted to the next level of X-Factor he decided to continue his career in Persian music .

He was the lead singer of Blackcats (persian band) for 3 years and currently he is pursuing music as solo singer.He has produced and sung more than 15 originals and he could create the most popular song of 2016 called Dafi joon,by reaching more than 20 million views .

He is hoping to make a difference in the music of his motherland.