Rouge is an orchestral-style band comprised of some of the most talented and educated musicians from all over the world. All of the music that is performed by Rouge is exclusively pre-arranged by experienced conductors and arrangers. Rouge has a diverse selection of vocalists that can cater any song choices to your taste.

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Encore is an International pop band established and based in New York. They have a very diverse selection of vocalists who can cater the song choices to the taster of the person that booking the event.

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Sevent Orchestra is a live ensemble featuring seven+ of the best musicians in the field of live international performances. Sevent covers the best hits of the Persian, Hebrew, English, Spanish and Arabic music genres.

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This dynamic international group is comprised of brothers Dion and Nick who came together to form an amazing duo. In addition to performing all of the top Armenian and Persian classic hits, Dionick are also a recording artists with original songs.

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Lounge Band

Rouge Lounge will take you to a plush and lavish atmosphere with dim lighting and Buddha Bar. Perfect for a smaller setting, our Rouge Lounge performers will serenade you with easy listening music that will have you feeling like you’re in Chicago’s most upscale jazz bar or in Spain’s most down-to-earth hangout spot.

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