At LIV, we understand the delicate and often complex process of bringing the vision for your event to reality. LIV was founded by a talent collective of like-minded individuals with many years of expertise in the entertainment industry.

We provide our clients with a personalized and seamless experience that is second to none. Whatever you seek to accomplish, our team will work with you every step of the way, including design, deployment, and execution of your event. We ensure a tailor-made celebration that is true to your desires and will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Event design is an exceptionally personal and dynamic craft. Our team includes world renowned DJs, orchestral ensembles, string quartets, full bands, African hand drummers, and samba dancers from all over the world, just to name a few. Our unique blend of cultural and modern musicians as well as design-centric stagecraft and lighting will transform your event to an unforgettable and visually stunning icon.

Your guests expect a memorable experience. Let us help you provide a celebration with an ease and touch of personality that no one else in the industry can offer. After all, the only limitation is your own imagination.


The LIV Entertainment Team


Novaj Javidzad | Chief Executive Officer

Hometown: Los Angeles
Growing up, Novaj’s family would always have gatherings and play music. He self-taught himself to play the guitar at the age of 12 and piano at the age of 16.
Novaj values listening to what LIV’s clients and vendors have to say and facilitates with the entire LIV team to ensure they have a quality and fun experience. Novaj shares, “I love the fact that we play a very large role in joyous moments of people’s lives. Seeing the smile on our clients faces and creating memories makes what we do very fulfilling.”
Imagine with all your mind, believe with all your heart and achieve with all your passion and love.


Nathan Javidzad | Chief Operations Officer

Hometown: Los Angeles
Nathan has been surrounded by music his entire life. His parents would play many of the classics and international hits which lead to his passion for music. He started DJing at 13 years old and continues to do so for LIV Entertainment.
“LIV is a small business that operates in many different entertainment industries. I am involved with the creative direction and operational management for the company. I act as a music consultant with the client, customizing each music set to their event. On the production side, I am a supervisor and project manager for equipment and production logistics.
Additionally, I double as a performer  – DJing almost every weekend!”
LIV is a family oriented business. Some of the members LIV has been working with are coming up on 10 years of collaborating together. Everyone’s passion for music and creativity is what Nathan ultimately loves about LIV.


Schubert Avakian | Music Director

Hometown: Tehran, Iran
After studying music in Würzburg Germany, Schubert became a composer, arranger, band leader and music producer. He has composed and arranged over 300 Persian Pop songs and conducted large Persian bands with several different celebrities.
Schubert has been in the entertainment industry for 30 years. Not only is he a managing partner at LIV Entertainment, but he also has his own recording studio based in LA.
As the musical director and as a performer at LIV Entertainment, Schubert customizes set lists, produces musical tracks and performs on stage with our live bands.
Schubert shares, “music has always been apart of my life and I am very fortunate that I get to have a job in something I love”


Henry Javidzad | Chief Financial Officer

Hometown: Los Angeles
A lot of Henry’s free time in high school was dedicated to being a DJ and playing the drums.

Henry has been a financial officer for 7 years in the entertainment business. At LIV, Henry ensures all of our musicians and production staff are compensated and oversee all the operations finances.

“LIV Entertainment is a family oriented business. Not only do I get to work alongside my family, but we also help create events that bring families together.”
Favorite Quote: Never give up in life.


Michael Hagai | Event Production Management

Hometown: Staten Island
Michael has 20 years of experience working with artists in every aspect imaginable.
He is responsible for making the artists comfortable, so that they can recognize their musical dreams. He ensures the clients are happy, by making sure details they shouldn’t be expected to worry about are handled.
Michael enjoys the freedom and independence to make certain that every detail is considered, and every event is brought to a satisfying conclusion.
Favorite Quote: Patience is a virtue, and virtue is its own reward.


Aaron Attarzadeh | Lead Lighting Designer

Hometown: Santa Monica
Aaron has over 10 years of experience in the music industry both as a musician and a lighting designer, and has designed events that range from decor lighting to festival settings.
Aaron plots shows, specs them, and then designs them from start to finish. He assists with product research on a daily basis to see how LIV can grow as a team.
Aaron shares, “this industry pushes me to levels I thought weren’t able to be pushed. LIV keeps me on my toes and has taught me how to be an industry professional. The family setting, we are all one. Everyone helps each other. Everything is able to be solved with simple communications.”
Favorite Quote: Don’t underestimate your capability. The only thing stopping you from achieving your goal is your mentality.


Liz Myrick | Administrative and Operations Assistant

Hometown: San Jose
Liz is a classically trained singer and a self-taught guitar player. She originally went to college to study music, but discovered her passion is in Performing and Visual Arts Management.
After getting a degree in Arts Management at Colombia College Chicago, Liz worked at several Chicago arts non-profits that specialize in music and performing arts.
Liz is involved in each event from start to finish. She interacts with the client from the beginning and then assists with logistics for the day of the event.
“Every event is so different and unique! It’s rewarding being apart of such a creative and hardworking team that can put together a one-of-a-kind production.”


Amber Dehn | Marketing Director

Hometown: Denver
Amber is a professional DJ and marketing director. She absolutely loves the entertainment industry.
Her Bachelors is in Marketing from the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Being able to blend her love of music and marketing together at LIV Entertainment is an honor.
“LIV Entertainment is a special company. A family business, we love bringing love and families together through very special performances and event production. I am astounded by the level of production that LIV is capable of!”
Favorite Quote: Ask, believe, receive.


LIV Entertainment Group’s diverse selection of live talent options range from DJs, to dance bands, International acts, and orchestral groups. Our talented and experienced performers cover a plethora of genres across the decades and in different languages. Visit our bands page to view all talent options.


What Our Customers Have to Say

We are proud to announce that the LIV Entertainment Group has become one of the leading entertainment companies in the greater Los Angeles area. We offer a diverse selection of live bands, DJ’s, dancers, lighting and production to best suit your event.

Equipment Rental

LIV’s audio and lighting department offers state of the art technology in the audio rentals industry. It is with our depth of knowledge and great deal of experience in dealing with complex acoustic details that we can offer comprehensive packages designed to provide high-end solutions for a variety of live environments. We offer an extensive range of equipment to ensure that all of your audio rental needs are fulfilled.

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