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Aref - Bio

Aref was born on August 10, 1941, in Tehran, the capital of Iran. He graduated from Tehran Industrial School of Art in 19. Before starting his career as a singer, Aref worked as a teacher in Qhazvin industrial school of art for two years. He started singing when he was 12 years old.

His official career as a professional started with Radio and TV commercials. He then started his cooperative performance as a host in a TV show named “neghab e siyah”, “The Black Mask”.

He was also selected as The Man Of The Year among all the famous and popular celebrity features of all different genres and majors including Artists, political features, sport features, etc.
Aref also had different performances with the Tehran University Orchestra, “gheseye shahre sokoot” stands out among the others since it’s so popular.

“Daryaacheye noor”, “Bargashteh mojhgaan”, Soltaan ghalbha”, “Eshgh nemimirad” and “koochooloo” are only some of the famous songs he has been performing during his 50 years of performance, which has made his brilliant career resume.

Aref - Videos

Aref - Ki Behtar Az To
Aref - Mondegar
Aref - Boghze Darya
Aref - Pishmarg
Aref - Asheghooneh

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