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Rouge International Live Band

Rouge is an orchestra-style band comprised of some of the most talented and educated musicians from all over the world.  Our approach: all of the music that is performed by Rouge is exclusively pre-arranged by some of the best conductors and arrangers. Rouge has a very diverse selection of vocalists and can cater the song choices to the taste of the person that is booking the event.

  • Pop Top 40’s
  • MoTown
  • Persian
  • Latin
  • Israeli
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Italian
  • 12-Piece (5 Vocalists, 7 Musicians)
  • 16-Piece (5 Vocalists, 11 Musicians)
  • 22-Piece (7 Vocalists, 15 Musicians)
  • 28-Piece (7 Vocalists, 21 Musicians)
  • 40-Piece (10 Vocalists, 30 Musicians)


International Medley
Motown/ Funk Medley
Top 40's Medley
Latin Medley
Rouge Ft. Arash Avin - Yeki Hast
Rouge Ft. Liyah - At Last
Rouge Ft. Diego - Besame Mucho
Rouge Ft. Morvarid
Lounge ft. Arash Avin
Lounge ft. Liyah
Lounge ft. Diego Giudici
Lounge ft. Morvarid Shahbazi

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