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Sepideh - Bio

Born in Tehran, Iran, Sepideh moved to Washington D.C. (USA) with her family in the late 1980s.

While still in high school, she started singing in a Persian band called “Setareh”. As time went on she joined another Persian band called “Mask”.

After moving to Los Angeles she was introduced to one of the most famous music industry producers in the Persian market, Mr. Shahbal Shabpareh, Soon after joining the famous group “Silouettt” she released her first album called “Beauty And The Beat” and started touring the world and doing concerts for a good while after that. In the early 2000s she decided to go solo, She released her next album called “The Girl In The Mirror” as a solo artist with producer Ramin Zamani. Soon after that she started to do more of the kind of music that spoke her own truth and projected an image that displayed more of a strong, sexy, proud, yet independent Persian woman, breaking away from the previously perceived Persian female image that has always been the victim throughout Iran’s post-Islamic history!!!

She then started working with the most renowned Persian industry producer – Schubert Avakian – famous for his edge in music, incredible melodies, and rocking grooves. The product of their joint efforts was the album called “No Fear” .

Their project was a success! “I am a part of all the proud and strong Persian women who stand their ground for our right to show the world we are not less than any man and can do all they do and more”, says Sepideh.

Sepideh - Videos

Sepideh - Nazanin
Sepideh - Mimiram
Sepideh - Faseleh
Sepideh - Sharteh Booseh
Sepideh - Nazdar

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