Bohemian party ideas

Unique Bohemian Party Ideas (2022)


Elements of the Bohemian lifestyle have been adapted into American society as an aesthetic that people choose for their clothing, events, and more. While boho is a term that traditionally refers to the Bohemian homeless people, the terms boho and bohemian are modernly used simultaneously to describe the eclectic, organic style influenced by the boho gypsies.

You can recognize the bohemian style thanks to a few key components. Some of these components include inspiration from nature, natural fabrics, florals, warm colors, neutral colors, inspiration from hippie culture, and eclectic textural elements.

Planning a bohemian party and looking for some cool ideas to make it special? We’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll share the best bohemian party ideas for your event regardless of size or venue.

Bohemian Style Food and Drink

Bohemian style food and drink

What party is complete without delicious food and drink? Offer your friends bohemian refreshments that honor nature and irreverence. No matter what kind of bohemian event you are throwing, there are fantastic ways for you to eat, drink, and enjoy the bohemian way. 

1. In-Season Food

Since boho is all about celebrating nature and trying new things, craft your menu around seasonally available ingredients, even if some of those ingredients are new to you. Get creative with your menu and look for locally-sourced produce for appetizers, entrees, and desserts. 

2. Mason Jar Drinks

Mason jars are a classic signal of the bohemian theme. You can dress them up and down depending on the exact vibe that you are going for.

You can stock your bar with jars instead of glasses or get a bit more creative. Make some delicious mixed drinks, close them in mason jars, and place the jars in an ice bucket. 

3. Drinks and Food With Edible Flowers

Ideally, your bohemian party decor should feature flowers. Use this floral joy as inspiration for your party’s food and drinks. Several edible flowers can provide gorgeous color and flavor to your menu and bar. Toss a few blooms into the cocktails, top your dessert, or embellish your salad.  

4. Nature-Inspired Cake

If the bohemian event you are throwing is a wedding or birthday party, ensure that your cake gets the bohemian treatment. There are several different types of bohemian cakes that you can have. Some options include naked cakes, a cake decorated with natural materials, and a cake designed to look like natural materials. 

5. Giant Charcuterie

Charcuterie allows the mixing and matching of cheese, meat, crackers, fruit, vegetables, and other toppings. Since creativity is a foundational component of the bohemian theme, this food item is a great way for your family and friends to eat creatively. Go wild with your charcuterie board and make it take up the whole table. 

6. Traditional Bohemian food

Traditional Bohemian kolaches

Instead of going for the boho-chic party spread, explore traditional Bohemian or Romani culture. Try dishes, such as Kolaches, beef stew, breaded pork tenderloin, goulash, potato pancakes, mushroom sauce, and potato dumplings.   

7. Batch Cocktails Inspired by Nature

If you are hosting a birthday party where you will not have a bartender, create large batch cocktails inspired by your favorite fruits and herbs. Fill the dispensers with your ingredients and plenty of herbs and fruit.

For example, try a grapefruit and vodka batch cocktail filled with citrus slices. You could also try a lavender and gin batch cocktail with plenty of herbs. 


Bohemian decor

Fun boho party decor is key when throwing bohemian parties. When thinking about bohemian party ideas, you’ll want to create the right aesthetic. Use plenty of natural elements, such as flowers, branches, rocks, and natural fibers

1. Pillow Picnic

Pillow picnics have quickly become a boho-chic party staple. Next time you throw a backyard dinner birthday party, place a low table amidst rugs and seat pillows.

The result is a delightful environment in which to picnic. This setup goes very well with a massive charcuterie board and cake. 

2. Eclectic Dishes

While matching dish-ware can be nice, an eclectic mix of different dishes evokes a fun, bohemian theme. Check out your local resale shop and find dishes and utensils in different designs and shapes. Look for bright, warm colors and exciting patterns. 

3. Leaf Confetti

eco friendly leaf confetti

Leaf confetti is a joyful and natural way to add some excitement to your parties in an eco-friendly way. Simply use a hole punch to cut shapes out of leaves.

You can get hole punches in several shapes, including hearts, stars, and triangles. This decor element is particularly ideal for bohemian-themed weddings. Plus it is easier to clean out of your backyard than regular confetti.

4. Use Your Old Jars and Bottles

Repurposing items is a great way to stay true to the bohemian theme. Rather than tossing your next empty jar of spaghetti sauce, save it for your celebration.

Use old glass vessels as vases to hold beverages or twinkly lights. You can even use them to plant succulents or house candles to light up the night.

5. Macrame Decor

Whether you are having a chill backyard dinner party, a special birthday party, or a bohemian wedding, macrame is a great way to evoke a bohemian theme. From macrame chair decorations to a macrame wedding arch, this art provides the vibe you are looking for.

6. Candles in Vintage Vessels

Candles are a great addition to any boho party. They provide gentle light and mystery as well as a lovely scent. Candles can pair well with vintage vessels of all kinds, such as teacups, votives, lanterns, and candelabras.

You can find some of these vessels at your local resale shop. Make sure that anything you put your candles in will be heatproof and non-flammable. 

7. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are always lovely to have at a boho party. These accessories are a great way to celebrate nature and creativity while looking cute. If you want, you can provide supplies and let your guests make the crowns themselves, or you can provide pre-made crowns. You can also simply provide one to the birthday girl or the bride. 


Bohemian activities

Having some activities at your celebration is a great way to immerse your guests in la vie Boheme. Some of these bohemian activities will make your boho party stand out. Let your creativity run wild and inspire everyone.

1. Salon

Put on a salon (19th-century style) and ask your friends to share their favorite forms of art. Your guests can perform a song, read a poem, or do a live painting. You can also provide interesting topics of discussion for your friends. You could even arrange something like a short play. 

2. Planting

Celebrating nature is a big part of the bohemian theme. So, why not give your friends a chance to test their green thumb. Creating a station at your boho party where your guests can pot plants or even make terrariums is a blast. Select native plants, succulents, or plants that hold importance to you. 

3. Tie-Dye

If your guests do not mind getting a bit messy, consider a tie-dying activity. Either provide white clothing items or ask your guests to bring items of their own.

A tie-dye activity is often a great choice for an outdoor This is a particularly great choice for a boho party for kids, but adults also love tie-dye. 

4. Beading

Beads are a classic element of the bohemian style. You can provide a craft area for your guests with all sorts of beading supplies.

Depending on the vibe you are going for, you may want to provide your friends with specific bead-based projects, or let them go wild with any bead-based project they want. 

5. Flower Pressing

Provide the equipment for flower pressing and determine which flowers you want pressed. If you host your celebration in an outdoor setting, you can use the flowers around you for the pressings. 

6. Macrame

As mentioned above, macrame is a common component of the boho aesthetic. This craft involves tying rope together to make beautiful designs.

If your friends are unfamiliar with macrame, your next party could be a great opportunity for them to learn. Make sure you have some patterns and guides on hand for those beginners. 

7. Music

Integrating music into your bohemian party is a great idea to create jovial energy. If your family and friends are musically inclined, host a jam session. You can also hire musicians to play for your parties if you would prefer for your guests to relax. 

Final Thoughts

A bohemian themed party is all about having fun with creativity and nature. You can infuse the bohemian style into the next party you host in several ways. Treat your guests to bohemian food and drinks as you immerse them in a dynamic, nature-inspired aesthetic.

Whether you are planning a barbecue, wedding, or birthday party, try out some of these bohemian party ideas and let us know what you think.

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