DJ for Hire

The entertainment you provide your guests during weddings, cocktail parties, corporate functions or any event is extremely important. Hiring a DJ with experience can help bring it to life.

DJ Oren>

Oren has been fascinated by music waves since the age of 13. Oren acquired his unique taste in music and became one of the leading Dj’s in Jerusalem.

DJ Nathan>

DJ Nathan is one of LIV’s premier disc jockeys. As one of the owners and co-founders of LIV, performing on the stage is what fuels his passion for entertainment. He has over 15 years of experience and he’s performed at thousands of functions all over the world.

DJ Corey>

DJ Corey is a prodigy that has taken the industry by storm. Not only is he the youngest mixer to ever grace the radio airwaves with a weekly show on Power 106 FM, but also the youngest DJ to win the competitive Beezo Battle Title. He currently holds residencies at hot spots including Hard Rock, Sidebar San Diego, and Fluxx.

DJ Jason>

Jason, aka DJ Shad, began mixing music at the young age of 12. Ever since then he has worked his way into the scene as an international DJ. With a strong passion for what he does, his unique musical talent always keeps the crowd moving, filling up the dance floor and keeping the party rocking with tons of energy. DJ Shad will make your event an unforgettable one.

DJ Jayde>

Jayde is now an internationally booked DJ who has played at Numerous Hollywood Venues such as Argyle, Le Jardin, The W RoofTop, Supper Club in San Francisco, Art’s Club in France, along with Major Corporate parties such as The YouTube Space Grand Opening in Playa Del Ray, The Annual Adultacon Convention at the L.A Convention Center, Grammy, Golden Globe, and SAG Awards after Parties and much more.

DJ Justin>

Justin is a professional DJ in Los Angeles and has been DJing for over 10 years. His talents have taken him from the United States to South America, Europe, and internationally for people all around the world. He has a very strong passion for music no matter what type of genre it might be and when he mixes his love for music with his DJ techniques, he puts on a show that not very many people have seen before.

Liven Up Your Dance Floor

Liv Entertainment Group DJs are familiar with the most common genres of music, including hip-hop, house music, international music, and more. With immense experience, all of our DJs know how to create the ideal atmosphere for your event. Whether you’re on the dance floor at a birthday party, corporate event, or even a wedding reception, the quality of the music is vital.

Our DJs know how to make sure that everyone is on their feet and having fun on the dance floor. To guarantee that everyone has fun at your event, you want to be able to trust your DJ to do their job properly. Just tell us what you’re looking for in advance and our DJ’s will have the best tracks to keep the party going.

If you’re looking to hire someone for virtual events or any other type of private event, our DJs are affordable and professional

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking to hire a DJ. A good place to start is what kind of music you’re looking for and if the DJ has experience with what you’re looking for.  At LIV Entertainment, chances are there’s definitely a DJ for you! 

Types of DJs To Consider

Special events are often some of the most memorable moments of your life. They’re filled with friends, family and joy. Having a professional DJ who knows how to keep the party flowing is ideal.

Our DJs have experience providing unforgettable sets at the following events:

Wedding DJ

A wedding DJ is a specific type of DJ who has experience playing for these types of events. They are used to working at weddings, and they know how to capture the beauty of the moment through music.

When you hire a wedding DJ from Liv Entertainment Group, you know that you’re getting good value for money. Our DJs can help you bring your dream wedding to life. From the bride’s first dance to turning up the party at the end of the night, we have it all covered. 

Our DJs know how to combine the perfect blend of romance with upbeat music to keep the happy couple gazing into each other’s eyes all night long and to keep the rest of the guests entertained. 

It would be an honor to be part of your special event, and we ensure that you’ll get nothing but the best!

Birthday Party DJ

Birthday party DJs are probably one of the most sought-after professionals in the music industry. 

Youngsters who want to host incredible parties (for example, Sweet Sixteens) need the best music. Party goers take their music very seriously (as they should), so we understand that they have high demands when it comes to meeting their needs. We’re proud to say that we do not disappoint! 

Our birthday party DJs understand that music is what makes or breaks these types of events. You can rest assured knowing that you’re going to get the best quality services with our DJs. The question is, are you ready to have the party of the year?

Unlike other events, you can’t simply base your decision on the DJ’s average ratings. You have to determine if they’re suitable for your party. LIV Entertainment Group’s DJs are some of the best, and you can view all their credentials on our site.

Contact us today if you want to throw an absolute rager! We promise to keep the music going till the sun comes up (if that’s what you want, of course).

Corporate Event DJs

Corporate events can be quite the celebration shared with your colleagues. Hosting corporate events often motivates staff because it allows them to loosen up, connect with one another, and put work aside for a bit. 

At the same time, corporate events allow employees to socialize in a different environment. Instead of simply focusing on their daily to-do’s, they can get to know one another better, which also promotes better morale.

Working in a corporate environment doesn’t have to be the stereotype everyone thinks it is. Getting some time off and attending these events is an excellent way show your team it’s not all about work. We all need this from time to time!

A corporate event DJ will play music that is appropriate for an office environment. This is where experience and professionalism come into the picture. Some of our DJs have been performing for over a decade; they understand what’s needed at these types of events.

Corporate parties could include everything from simple entertainment to a photo booth for employees to let loose and have fun. Music is always one of the most essential aspects to keep in mind. With LIV Entertainment you can be sure that your DJ is equipped for the job.

Bar Mitzvah DJs

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are special events celebrating the transition of a person going from child to young adult. These events are different from hosting a wedding or a corporate event, and in our experience sometimes they’re much more extravagant. It’s most certainly a cause for celebration! 

A Bar Mitzvah is generally an unforgettable moment for you and your family members. It’s the ideal place and time to share your faith with your loved ones and pass knowledge down from one generation to the next.

A professional, experienced DJ will ensure that you meet the requirements perfectly. This is more important in the case of a Bar Mitzvah as you want to ensure that you respect all traditions. 

When looking for the ideal Bar Mitzvah DJ, you need to pay careful attention to whether the individual understands your culture and the traditions that go along with it. You don’t want your Bar Mitzvah to be ruined by something such as inappropriate music choices. Fortunately, we have DJs that know exactly what is suitable to play at these precious ceremonies.

Cocktail Party DJs

Lastly, a cocktail DJ is another type you should keep in mind while you’re organizing your event. These professionals are trained to handle the music in your cocktail party, and they can provide you with the best entertainment.

Just because your party is not formal doesn’t mean it’s less entertaining than a wedding. On the contrary, it can be just as memorable if you have the right DJ by your side.

A DJ for your cocktail party can make your event as incredible as any big wedding. Your guests can be entertained while they dance, and you can rest assured knowing they’re going to remember the time you spent together.

DJs for Hire – Los Angeles Options

Los Angeles is an immense city, and if you’re looking for a DJ, the best alternative you have is to consider different options for your event.

Since Los Angeles is so big, you might find a long list of available DJs. However, you need to compare the DJ’s background and experience. Once you do that, you can decide if they’re the type of professional you’re looking for.

Moreover, remember to ask the DJ for their prices and check their availability with regards to your event. If you do that, you can surely get someone to provide you with the best entertainment!

Hire A LIV Entertainment DJ Today!

Hiring the best DJ for your event is a challenging decision to make, especially if you’re looking for experienced professionals who can offer you top services. Weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs, corporate events, and cocktail parties are all immensely important, so you must ensure the type of DJ you choose matches your needs – check out the available options at Liv Entertainment Group Inc., and plan your event today!