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Rouge is a Southern California based band that performs a mixture of world top 40’s and classic hits. The band can be customized to include music genres from all over the world including: American, Latin, Russian, Indian, Israeli, Persian and Armenian. The size of the band can vary anywhere between 3 to 40 performers. Our premier 18-piece band includes musician solos, choreography, attire changes and custom arranged dinner shows.


Legendary is a 7 piece Rock/Pop wedding, event, and party band. Specializing in English and Hebrew, Legendary plays hits from over the past 60 years including rock, pop, funk, and modern hits. Their incredibly talented musicians know what it takes to keep the party rocking all night with music ranging from The Beatles to Rihanna!

Chechi x Conrad>

Chechi x Conrad is a duo group that consists of a singer and a guitarist. Their music content includes various top 40, hip-hop and classic hits.

There’s something about a live performance that can create an unforgettable celebratory ambiance.

Looking for some of the greatest party bands to spruce up your corporate events, wedding receptions, private parties, birthday parties, or other social gatherings? We have a range of live bands for hire to suit your needs.

At LIV Entertainment Group, we understand that different events call for different types of bands.

Whatever your needs are, we’ll set you up with the perfect live band for your next event.

What Is A Live Band?

A live band is a small or large group of professional musicians that play music at an event. Common genres include jazz, pop, or international music and they’re usually played at special events and functions. Live music has a unique energy that simply cannot be matched by prerecorded music.

While hiring a DJ can offer its own set of benefits, a live band creates different kind of experience.

Our live dance bands generate energy, life, freshness, and a connection with your guests that simply cannot be achieved with a DJ alone.

The images and sounds created as the event progresses are the keys to creating a truly memorable event.

The best live bands are visually appealing, unique, energetic, and capable of generating energy that the audience can sense. Ours are made up of talented musicians with whom your guests can and enjoy celebrate.

Live Band Genres

Whether you’re a fan soothing jazz bands, wedding party bands, or just a cover band, there’s something for you on our roster. Here are some of the genres our live bands offer.

1. Jazz

Jazz is a uniquely American musical genre. It was developed in the 19th and 20th centuries by the African American communities that lived in New Orleans.

The genre is diverse and is marked by intricate harmonies, a strong emphasis on improvisation, and syncopated rhythms.

2. Rock

Rock music has ties to various genres, including folk music and blues. Classical music, jazz, and other genres have influenced its origin and development.

In terms of instruments, rock is commonly associated with the electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums.

3. Pop

Pop music is a popular musical genre that emerged in the 50s and 60s in the United States. It is diverse, drawing on elements of dance, urban, country, and Latin music, among others.

Pop music is generally short or medium in length and tend to include repeated lyrics, catchy tunes, and hooks.

4. Classical

The term “classical music” pertains to the Western world’s formal musical tradition, which is different from other popular music traditions or Western folk music.

It is often referred to as Western classical music, even though the term “classical music” can also refer to non-Western styles with comparable formal characteristics.

This genre is generally distinguished by intricacy in its musical style and harmonic arrangement, particularly when polyphony is used.

Live Cover Bands

If you are searching for the perfect cover band to serenade your guests with some of your all-time favorite hits, our live bands often play well-known party tunes as part of their live music.

Choose One of Our Live Bands for Your Next Event

The following is a bit more on our live bands for you to choose from:


If you’re looking for a dance band that can perform a range of hits, including classical hits and the world’s top 40 hits, then Rouge is the band for you.

The band’s size varies between 3 and 40 performers, with multiple vocalists and instrumentalists to provide you and your guests with the kind of music you want to hear.

Rouge can perform genres from numerous countries worldwide, including Latin, American, Indian, Russian, Armenian, Israeli, and Persian music.


With the musical talent from this seven-piece rock and pop band, your guests are sure to hit the dance floor.

Legendary enjoys performing popular funk, pop, rock, and modern hits from the past 60 years.

Chechi X Conrad

Those who find smaller wedding bands ideal may love the entertainment provided by this professional band.

If you prefer the likes of a single vocalist and guitar accompaniment who performs many popular hit songs, then enquire about Chechi X Conrad.


Let one of the most talented saxophone instrumentalists serenade you with wonderful music that is sure to set the mood at Christmas parties, wedding parties, and other intimate events. Derrick E. is a solo jazz performer who meets jazz standards and exceeds them.

He has experience collaborating with several well-known artists, including the likes of Brandy, Chante Moore, Wayman Tisdale, For Real, Monica, Kyle Turner, Alexander O’Neal, Jason Weaver, Deborah Cox, Chaka Khan, The Winans, Ray J, Solar System, Miki Howard, Tevin Campbell, Kenny Lattimore, Kelli Williams, 5 Star, and Before Dark.


Set an ethereal tone at your wedding ceremony with the sounds of the harp. Charissa, the sole instrumentalist in the band, is a well-versed and well-known harpist in the industry.

She has worked with several renowned artists, including Wu-Tang Clan, Ghost, Dionne Warwick, MAX, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Mike Garson, Jackson Guthy, Damian Marley, Barry Manilow, Stanley Clarke, Richard Carpenter, and Shankar.


Violinists are often popular at wedding ceremonies, and these string quartets make up one of the most sought-after wedding bands.

The group consists of four performers, including a cellist, a violist, and two violinists that perform a wide range of hit songs and classical numbers.

Deux Cellos

Are you looking for something a little less traditional? Why not try our Cello band? Deux Cellos consists of two female cellists that perform anything from modern hits to classical orchestral arrangements.


If you enjoy the musical hits from Frank Sinatra, then you need to hire Mood for your special events. Mood is one of the only jazz bands on our list of performers that takes its inspiration from this iconic star.

The instrumentalists perform with brass instruments, and the result is soothing music that is bound to set the mood.


Classic Bossa Nova and Samba get new life with the performances of this quartet or trio band. This group delivers unforgettable, lively, classic, and elegant performances. It is also one of the most unique live bands on this list that are sure to have your guests jiving all night long.

Live Band Considerations

One of most essential components of any event or party is the entertainment.

Choosing the right music and entertainment can make or break the party. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting a party band for your next event.


How much are you willing to spend? Our party bands come in different sizes and prices. There is something for everyone at Liv Entertainment Group.

Musicians and Vocalists

How a party band sounds has a lot to do with how many musicians and vocalists are in the group. Are you looking for a solo performer, mid size, or big band?

What instruments does the band use? You can find live performances from our party bands on the top of this page.

Songs and Genres

This is an important consideration when hiring live bands. You want to be 100 percent sure that you are happy with the songs that the party band is going to perform before hiring them.

Most of our party bands also take special requests, so be sure to enquire about whether they can perform your favorite tune. Additionally, many live musicians also perform tribute acts as part of their live performances.

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