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Looking for a talented live band to play your favorite covers at an event? LIV Entertainment offers several cover bands that will engage your audience, encourage people to join in on the fun, and get people onto the dance floor. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, wedding reception, birthday party, or private event we have several options for you to choose from. 

Choose A Cover Band from Our Top-rated Performers


Rouge is an excellent option if you’re looking for something a little more extravagant and customizable. This party band ranges from 3 to 40 members, so you are sure to get great music for your event with an added visual experience. This band performs genres from numerous countries worldwide, including Latin, American, Indian, Russian, Armenian, Israeli, and Persian music, and even the world’s top 40 hit songs to keep your crowd engaged.


We proudly present Ararat, the quintessential Armenian band that brings the heartbeat of Armenian celebrations to life. Versatile and vibrant, Ararat is the perfect choice for any occasion where Armenian music sets the tone for unforgettable moments. Ararat offers a range of ensemble sizes, from intimate gatherings featuring a vocalist to larger settings with up to four vocalists.


Your friends, family, or colleagues are sure to get off their seats after performances of some of the most well-known songs from this seven-piece rock and pop band. Legendary is a high-energy cover band that specializes in performing iconic rock, funk, pop, and contemporary music from the previous 60 years.


If you prefer a more simplistic performance from acoustic sets, we have the ideal band for you. Chechi X Conrad consists of a single vocalist and guitarist, so you may just love the musical offerings of this two-person band that performs chart-topping, hip-hop, and classic hits.

Sax Covers>

If you can picture the soothing sounds of the saxophone to the like of “Careless Whisper” by George Michael, then Sax is the ideal cover band for your event. Make any wedding event unforgettable with a solo performance from Derrick E., one of the most talented and well-known saxophonists in the industry. He has a well-rounded musical career, with experience as a much sought-after saxophonist, producer, engineer, composer, arranger, and keyboardist. Derrick has collaborated with many renowned artists, including Alexander O’Neal, Miki Howard, Kyle Turner, Kenny Lattimore, Deborah Cox, and Jason Weaver, and has recorded with the likes of Chris Standring, Elliott Yamin, and Michael Ward.

Harp Covers>

Charissa, an accomplished and respected harpist, is the solo performer in this group. She has collaborated with the likes of Ghost, Wu-Tang Clan, Dionne Warwick, Mark de Clive-Lowe, MAX, Jackson Guthy, Damian Marley, Barry Manilow, Stanley Clarke, Richard Carpenter, Mike Garson, and Shankar. This talented harpist has also performed in several prestigious venues, including Walt Disney Concert Hall, Segerstrom Hall, and the Dolby Theatre, so your guests are in for a treat when you choose Harp as your cover band.

String Covers>

This string quartet consisting of some of the finest musicians makes the perfect wedding band to serenade your guests. There are four band members, including a cellist, violist, and two violinists. One of the advantages of hiring this party band as opposed to many other violinist groups is that it can perform a wide range of songs, including classical to popular hit songs.

Deux Cellos>

Deux Cellos is one of the most unique musical bands for hire on our list. This group consists of two talented cellists that can perform anything from contemporary hits to classical music as part of their repertoire.


Set the mood at your special event with memorable renditions of some of the most popular music of all time. Mood specializes in performing tribute acts inspired by Frank Sinatra, so if you enjoy his music, this is one of the best live bands to consider hiring.


Janeiro is one of our most popular jazz bands for hire, and it offers a unique and fresh perspective on classic Bossa Nova and Samba. This party band is guaranteed to get your audience jiving with tasteful and lively performances.

Vintage Band>

LIV Vintage Band is perfect for private events and corporate gatherings. Immerse your guests in charming jazzy-styled pop tunes, creating a unique and sophisticated ambiance for your special occasions. LIV Vintage Band brings a touch of timeless elegance and musical excellence to make your gathering truly exceptional. The band can be booked with multiple vocalists and a larger band than shown in the video.

What Are Professional Cover Bands?

Professional cover bands are musical groups who play songs composed and originally performed by other artists rather than their own original music. Hiring a local cover band is a great option if you’re looking to hear the most popular songs live, at an affordable cost, and with a unique spin on originals.

Choosing a Cover Band to Entertain Your Guests

Cover bands are one of the most effective ways to engage your guests.  Playing songs that are familiar to your audience can help get them onto the dance floor. 

If you hire a cover band with LIV Entertainment Group, you’re hiring professionals who can accept song requests and interact with the crowd. When the cover band takes the stage, you can rest assured that everyone will experience high quality music, sound and performances from our talented musicians.

Although sound quality may not appear to be an essential aspect when planning an event, it makes a huge difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we answer some of the most pressing questions people tend to ask when it comes to hiring cover bands for their Los Angeles event.

What Is the Difference Between Tribute Bands and Cover Bands?

Another term that many people get confused with is tribute bands. While tribute bands are technically cover bands, they differ for one main reason. Typically, cover bands play the music that is popular at the time, generally covering a range of genres and artists, while a tribute band studies and performs the music of one particular artist or popular musical group.

What Are Some of the Popular Cover Band Genres?

When you hire party bands through Liv Entertainment Group, you can hire talented performers that have experience performing several different genres. Most cover bands play live music in the genres pop, hard rock, classic rock, rock ‘n roll, jazz, classical, and soul music, among others.

Do Cover Bands Need to Have a High Level of Training?

To be part of a cover band, no specific level of training is required. Some artists are naturally talented and know how to engage a crowd right away, which no amount of training can teach. The best way to judge whether a cover band is suitable for your function is to hear them play for yourself. You can find a list of prerecorded performances for each of our cover bands by clicking on the band’s title.

What About Attire?

The clothing worn by a cover band is usually customized to their personal style and preferences. However, some cover bands match their outfits to the occasion to ensure that they’re suitably dressed. They understand that weddings, special events, corporate functions, and award ceremonies, for example, require the use of formal attire.

Cover bands also may choose to dress in a way that complements the genre of music they perform or matches the artist they are paying tribute to. Stonewashed denim and outrageous hair, for example, might be worn by an ’80s cover band.

Can I Expect a Cover Band to Bring Their Own Equipment to an Event?

Together with their instruments and performance kits, many cover bands arrive equipped adequately with mixers, amps, speakers, stands, PA system, and mics, as well as any other equipment they may need. If the facility provides the sound system and stage lights, be sure to discuss this with the dance band that you choose.

Fortunately, Liv Entertainment Group provides you with a detailed description of what you can expect in terms of equipment requirements when you make a booking with one of our cover bands.

What Event Details Are Required When Making a Booking?

When you book a band with Liv Entertainment Group, it is essential that you provide us with the event date, the event location, the estimated guest count, and the type of function you are hosting. Many bands are booked well in advance, so it is important to book as soon as possible.

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