Acoustic Bands For Hire

Considering hiring an acoustic band to perform at your event? Whether you’re looking for jazz classics, female vocals, or even a full band with musicians playing different instruments, LIV has plenty of options.

Having acoustic music for a private party, corporate event, or wedding ceremony can help make it all the more special. Our musicians are familiar with popular songs, and our vocalists are well-known for singing covers even better than most originals.

Choose An Acoustic Band From Our Amazing Performers


It’s generally quite challenging to find musicians talented enough to perform Frank Sinatra classics. Mood is an exception! Specializing in traditional Pop and Jazz, Mood performs the best Sinatra songs, transporting you to a completely different era. This acoustic band is exceptionally talented. If you’re looking for angelic vocals and jazz classics for your party, this is the band for you.


Named after the famous city in Brazil, Janeiro is one of our best live acoustic bands available for hire and performs an array music from different genres. This band specifically offers a unique and fresh perspective on classic Bossa Nova and Samba. If you’re looking to get your audience jiving with tasteful and lively performances, this is a fantastic option.


An elegant name for one of our most versatile bands – Rouge has it all, especially if you want musicians to perform classic pieces during your events. Rouge is composed of various performers, and they are prepared to perform many different music genres. Versatility is their greatest strength since they can adapt their performance and style depending on your needs – whether you want to hear American, Indian, Russian, or Latin music, Rouge’s acoustic band will fulfill your expectations!


This acoustic band specializes in incredible hits from the last 60 years. Genres include Jazz, Pop, and even rock music. Legendary will keep your guests entertained throughout the night. If you want performers to liven up your environment with hits from The Beatles, Rihanna, and even the King of Pop, Legendary might be the right acoustic band for you!


Chechi is perfect for those looking for top-quality entertainment in the form of an acoustic duo for a special event. This duo is definitely one of the best acoustic bands on our team. Their performances are always enjoyable, and their portfolio of music is pleasant, soothing, and lively, depending on your requirements.


The rich and deep sound of the saxophone makes it one of the most beautiful instruments. Skilled saxophonists are rare to find. Derrick E. Derrick is an American Saxophonist available with wide experience (which includes playing on famous 90’s movies), allowing him to be an ideal option for your next event.


Hiring a harpist brings a unique live entertainment option. The sound of the harp is not only delicate, but also immensely romantic. It can even be fun and lively depending on the pieces performed.. Charissa is a famous orchestral harpist with experience in both the academic field and the world of private events. She has performed under the conduction of John William’s baton among other famous composers, and she has been performing in parties for years. Working with Charissa guarantees an immensely talented musician performing at your next event. She can mesmerize you with the sounds of her beautiful harp, including a wide selection of many pieces you’ll love.


This string quartet consisting of some of the finest musicians makes the perfect acoustic wedding band to serenade your guests. There are four band members, including a cellist, violist, and two violinists. One of the advantages of hiring this party band as opposed to many other violinist groups is that it can perform a wide range of songs, including classical to popular hit songs.

Deux Cellos>

Deux Cellos is one of the most unique acoustic bands for hire on our list. This group consists of two talented cellists that can perform anything from contemporary hits to classical music as part of their repertoire.

Vintage Band>

LIV Vintage Band is perfect for private events and corporate gatherings. Immerse your guests in charming jazzy-styled pop tunes, creating a unique and sophisticated ambiance for your special occasions. LIV Vintage Band brings a touch of timeless elegance and musical excellence to make your gathering truly exceptional. The band can be booked with multiple vocalists and a larger band than shown in the video.

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Our acoustic cover bands, singers, and acoustic duos perform everything from modern acoustic music to classical, jazz, and blues.

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Believe it or not but acoustic bands can transform the entire atmosphere at your celebratory, social or corporate event. Regardless of whether they’re performing classic songs, original music, popular songs, or covering music, our local acoustic bands can help make it special.