Wedding Bands for Hire

Exceptional entertainment can fill a wedding reception with energy and capture your guest’s emotions. From the first notes played at the ceremony to the dance music played at the party, your entertainment plays a crucial role through it all. Take a look at our experienced wedding bands below.

LIV Entertainment Group Wedding Bands Available For Hire


If you’re looking for a band familiar with the worlds top 40 and classic hits, then Rouge is the band for you. Based in Southern California, the band can be customized to include multiple music genres from all over the world, including Armenian, Persian, Israeli, Indian, Russian, Latin, and American. Depending on your requirements, the band’s size can vary between three and forty musicians and performers. Their premier 18 peice band includes custom arranged dinner shows, attire changes, choreography, and musician solos.


This seven-piece rock/pop/party wedding band is specializes in Hebrew and English music. The band plays hits from the last 60 years, including modern hits, funk, pop, and rock. Their incredibly talented artists know what it takes to get the party started and keep it going all night! You can expect music from the likes of The Beatles to Rihanna and more.


A guitarist and singer make up the Cecchi x Conrad duo. The two artists liven up events around the country with their charismatic approach to music. Their performances include classic hits, hip hop, and various top 40 tracks.


With over 6 million views online, Janeiro has become famous worldwide and is a wedding band known for exclusive, breathtaking, and elegant performances. The group breathes new life into classical Samba and Bossa Nova, captivating your audience and delivering an unforgettable musical experience.


Influenced by the iconic Frank Sinatra, Mood is a traditional Jazz/Pop style band perfect to hire for a special wedding day. The band takes you back to the swing era with their soothing song selections and rich horn arrangements.

Deux Cellos>

If you are looking for a contemporary cello, classical, or duo pop group, this two-person band is for you. There is a variety of musical genres included in their song selection ranging from modern pop hits to classical orchestral arrangements.


Our String Quartet is fantastic choice for wedding music at your ceremony. The group conisists of a cellist, a violist, and two violinists. This wedding band performs songs from Rihanna to Pachebel, bringing an exquisite feel to weddings around the world.


Charissa is a versatile and accomplished harpist from San Diego with a truly remarkable recording career. She’s familiar with many music genres, and has collaborated with renowned artists, such as Mike Garson, Richard Carpenter, Shankar, Manilow, Damian Marley, Wu-Tang Clan, and Dionne Warwick, to name a few.


If you are looking for something a bit jazzier for your special day, Derrick E is the perfect instrumentalist for you. He is a saxophonist, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who has immensely contributed to the music industry. His charm and unique talent captivate the reception. You get the whole package when you hire Derrick, so if you are not a fan of large bands or don’t want to perform a significant setup, he could be the best option for you.

Live Wedding Music vs. DJ

While each one has its own advantages, there are fundamental differences between hiring a DJ vs a live band at your event. First is cost. In most cases, DJs alone are typically more affordable than party bands, depending on the entertainer.

Wedding guests tend to enjoy live bands because of the unique energy and entertainment they bring to events by interacting with the crowd and moving around the stage. Live bands liven up the venue, create fun, dance, sing, and get the guests dancing.

DJs, on the other hand, offer more versatility in song selection and are able to play original songs. Our DJs specialize in different genres giving you multiple options depending on what you’re looking for.

Tips for Hiring a Wedding Music Bands

Here are some handy tips to remember while searching for the best wedding band.

Ask About A Wedding Band + DJ Package

LIV Entertainment Group offers wedding band and DJ packages. Pick from our solo musicians, guitar duos, cocktail bands, or a live band for part of your event and a DJ for the rest.

Book Your Band Early

The sooner you book your band the better. Some of our wedding bands and DJs are booked over 1 year in advance. 

Be Involved in Selecting the Music

Let your style and personality shine through in your song selection. Once the party starts, we’ll take it from there. Our bands will read the crowd and get the party going!

Contact LIV Entertainment Group

Event planners all over the world have trusted us to hire jazz, pop, and party wedding bands. We can cater to the needs of high-end receptions by offering exclusive bands on your wedding day. With over a decade in the industry, our company strives to deliver the best customer service, live music, and memorable wedding receptions.