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How Much Does a Live Band Cost for a Wedding in 2024?

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As an entertainment company with over 15 years in the field, it’s a question we get a lot: “How much will a live band cost for my wedding“? 

Well, the answer is… it depends.

At Liv Entertainment, we offer a variety of solutions to meet your party needs, including wedding bands. Our goal is to ensure that your party or ceremony is vibrant. Reach out to us now for a free consultation.

In this post, we’ll share a number of different factors and considerations when it comes to the cost of hiring a live band for a wedding. 

Average Cost of a Wedding Band

average cost of wedding band

The average price of a live wedding band in the United States is $5,000 plus a 10% gratuity. The band size for this price point is three to six musicians, generally including a keyboard or piano, bass, guitar, drums, one or more horns like a saxophone or trumpet, and vocalists—but again this varies.

Below we’ll outline the various factors to consider, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision as you plan your wedding.

The Biggest Factors When It Comes to Wedding Band Costs

biggest factors of choosing wedding band

When it comes to wedding bands and how much they charge, it typically comes down to these 5 things:

  • The band’s popularity (demand). Just like with anything else, the more demand there is for a band, the higher the value and cost.
  • The time of the year. Demand for bands during the summer months is typically much higher than in the winter. Some bands will therefor be cheaper during off-season months.
  • The number of band members. Band sizes can range from 3 to 20+ members. Extras such as a horn section or additional members like an MC will raise the price. Add-ons might be on the production side, such as additional sound equipment and sound technicians for the ceremony, lighting, video screens, and special effects.
  • The geographic region. Generally, the cost of a wedding band in larger cities is greater. For example, the average wedding band in Los Angeles costs more than the average band in Palmdale.
  • The day of the week. Weekdays are the most affordable. Friday and Saturday are typically the most expensive. Again, because of demand.
  • Duration of Performance: Most bands charge based on the length of time they are required to perform. Commonly, bands are booked for about 4 hours, which typically covers the reception. If you need the band for additional time, such as during the ceremony or cocktail hour, this will likely increase the cost.
  • Travel and Accommodation Costs: If the band needs to travel a significant distance to your wedding venue, there may be additional costs for travel and accommodations.
  • Additional Equipment and Services: Some bands provide their own sound equipment and lighting, which can be included in their overall price. Others might require you to arrange for sound systems or other equipment, which can add to your total expenses.

Useful Tips When Hiring A Wedding Band

useful tips to hire band

Here are some helpful tips for finding and working with your wedding band.

Save Money With Packages

The most popular package offers include a DJ at an extremely low rate with your band. The DJ plays between the band sets and after the band is done performing. Additional services like lighting, LEDs, staging or effects can be discounted by the same group you hire a band from as well.

Be Involved

Companies like ours let couples get really involved in the process. Most couples like to leave it up to us by providing genres, artists and themes. They pick out specific songs for moments like the first dance, father-daughter dance and dinner. This is your opportunity to let your personalities and style shine through the music.

Book Early

The earlier you book, the better. Booking early boasts several advantages including price and availability. On high-demand days like weekends in the summer, the most popular artists/musicians/DJs are almost always completely booked months (even up to a year) ahead of time.

Should I Hire A Wedding Band or A DJ?

If you’re torn between a live wedding band and a DJ for your big day, looking at the pros and cons of each will help you make your decision.

Wedding band or DJ

As you consider your options, don’t drive yourself too crazy. One is not “better” than the other. It’s a matter of preference. Wedding DJs and bands each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Live wedding bands offer a unique experience, can cater to the entire crowd and offer entertainment to everyone (even those who don’t like to dance).  A DJ on the other hand is a much more cost effective option.

LIV Entertainment Offers 3 to 18 Piece Wedding Bands

Our wedding bands have anywhere between three to eighteen members. As you’d expect, the more people in the band, the higher the average cost.

Our bands perform throughout the United States and Globally. See below for our different options and contact us for a custom quote!

Each size comes with talented musicians who bring experience, knowledge, and passion to your wedding. Pricing starts as low as $3,750

Pro Tip: Before booking, ask about our “rider”. The rider includes things like transportation and lodging expenses, as well as any other accommodations for our bands.

LIV Bands

3 piece wedding band 

This is the smallest band size LIV Entertainment offers, and has limited availability. Our 3 piece band comes with 3 vocalists performing on backing tracks (recorded musical accompaniment – DJ).

6 piece wedding band 

Our 6 piece band comes with 3 vocalist and 3 musicians. The instruments will include the keyboard, percussions and one more depending on availability.

8 piece wedding band 

Our 8-18 piece bands always have 6 vocalists.  The 8 piece would include a keyboard and percussions along with backing tracks.

10 piece wedding band 

A 10 piece band would have the same 6 vocalists and 4 musicians. The 4 musicians are usually keyboard, percussions and 2 other instruments of your choice and depending on availability.

12 piece wedding band 

6 vocalists and 6 musicians including keyboard, percussions, bass, drums and 2 other solo instruments based on availability and type of event.

14 piece wedding band 

This band includes 6 vocalists and 8 musicians including keyboard, percussions, bass, drums, violin, sax and 2 other solo instruments based on availability and type of event. 

18 piece wedding band 

Our largest option. 6 vocalists and 12 musicians including keyboard, percussions, drums, bass, violin, viola, cello, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, trombonist, and darbuka.

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We understand the delicate and often complex process of bringing the vision for your wedding to reality. LIV was founded by a talent collective of like-minded individuals with many years of expertise in the entertainment industry. We provide our clients with a personalized and seamless experience that is second to none. Our team will work with you every step of the way, including design, deployment, and execution of your special day. We ensure a tailor-made celebration that is true to your desires and will leave a lasting memory for generations to come.

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