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Planning an event in El Paso and want to add some musical flair? LIV offers a wide selection of jazz bands to suit your needs. From sultry female vocalists to full ensembles with diverse instrumentation, we have the perfect jazz performers to set the mood for any occasion. Elevate your wedding, private gathering, or corporate event with the timeless sounds of jazz.

Live Jazz Bands for Hire in El Paso, TX | LIV Entertainment

Choose from 4 Stellar El Paso Jazz Ensembles

Vintage Band

Create lasting memories at your El Paso function with LIV Vintage Band. Their sophisticated blend of jazz and pop adds a unique flair to private parties and corporate events alike. Flexible in size and style, the band can adapt to your specific needs, ensuring a perfect musical match for your special day.


Enliven your El Paso event with the diverse repertoire of this accomplished jazz trio. From smooth jazz to salsa, swing to dance hits, they master it all. Their 2013 recognition by Martha Stewart Weddings for upscale functions underscores their suitability for your high-end occasion.


Enhance your El Paso gathering with the popular Mood jazz band. Perfect for weddings, private parties, and corporate events, they offer vibrant yet unobtrusive musical accompaniment. Their diverse repertoire spans swing, Latin, salsa, smooth jazz, and beloved Sinatra tunes to suit any occasion.


The smooth jazz scene celebrates Derrick E. as an exceptional saxophonist with a distinctive sound. His on-stage versatility and ability to infuse percussive elements into soulful melodies create unforgettable performances. Derrick’s impressive musical journey includes collaborations with The O’Jays and contributions to notable soundtracks and artists.

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Types of Jazz Bands For Hire in El Paso

El Paso’s jazz offerings are diverse, with bands ranging from 3 to 12 members. Adaptable ensembles often customize their size and equipment to match your event’s vibe. High-quality jazz performers can transform any celebration, big or small. Explore the rich variety of jazz sub-genres to find your perfect musical fit.

Live Swing Jazz Bands For Hire in El Paso, TX

Swing jazz bands

Think music from composers and jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and Glenn Miller. In the 1930s and 1940s, this genre became well-known.

Live Traditional Jazz Bands For Hire in El Paso

Traditional jazz bands

This genre, sometimes known as ragtime, Dixieland, or New Orleans jazz, arose in response to the triumph of swing in Chicago. The clarinet, trombone, trumpet, and even the banjo and tuba are used more frequently in this type of jazz than saxophones.

Live Jazz Standards Band For Hire in El Paso

Jazz standard bands

The songs these bands play have become part of the jazz classics and constitute the foundation of any jazz musician’s training.

Live Post-Modern Jukebox Jazz Bands For Hire in El Paso

Post-modern jukebox bands:

This is the newest of the jazz bands mentioned above; these groups recreate pop tunes in a variety of jazz forms.

Does a Jazz Band Suit My El Paso Event?

Jazz bands are relatively versatile in that they can deliver background music or a featured performance whether hired for a wedding, cocktail hour, party, or corporate event.

Some jazz background music would be well-suited to black-tie events such as corporate functions or charity events. The perfect music to set the mood without overpowering the event.

On the other hand, and with the emergence of the post-modern jukebox, jazz bands are increasingly being used as headline acts for weddings and other special events.

Live Jazz Band For Weddings in El Paso

How Many Musicians Are in a Jazz Band?

From three-piece ensembles to grand 20-member orchestras, jazz bands come in all sizes. Let your event’s tone guide your choice. Intimate trios or quartets suit cozy dinners, while 15-20 piece big bands energize large parties or award ceremonies. Many jazz groups flexibly adjust their lineup to align with your budget and requirements.

El Paso Jazz Bands For Hire
Jazz Bands For Hire in El Paso

Can I Request Specific Songs?

Indeed! Jazz groups are known for their musical versatility. First, check their existing repertoire for your desired songs. If some aren’t listed, inform the band well in advance. They’re usually willing to learn new pieces to fulfill your musical wishes.

How Far in Advance Should You Book?

We suggest making a reservation as soon as possible, especially if you have any specific requests.
With that said, last-minute bookings are common and we can easily get you a jazz band on short notice if available.